5 Important Tips for Every iPhone Lover

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August 20, 2012

Today, most people who have a cell phone have a smart phone. One of the most popular smart phones used by consumers today is Apple’s iPhone. The iPhone is powerful, yet easy to use. However, without proper research or information, most people are not aware of the many functions that this product offers its users. This article is a good start to learning these advanced functions, and will discuss 5 iPhone tricks.

There are two tips that are easy for the novice iPhone user to begin with, as a means to get comfortable with the functions of the phone. These two first tips involve the organization of the apps on the iPhone’s desktop, making it easier to find and use apps.

Stacking Apps

The first trick is that by dragging apps of similar function on top of each other, the iPhone will create its own folders on top of the desktop. For example, apps used for gaming or for social network can be easily grouped together for an easier way to locate a general subject.

Also, apps can be moved to new pages or different locations on the iPhone’s desktop, in order to make for a more organized, cleaner looking desktop for the user. This trick can be used either for an easier way to find more commonly used apps or for simply aesthetic purposes.

Extending Battery Life

The next two tricks involve extending the life of the battery, in order to ensure that the phone does not die or need to be charged when it is needed to do something important.

First, in the settings app, ensure that push notifications are turned off for all of the applications possible. This ensures that the apps on the phone are not constantly working and sending notifications, both of which use the iPhone’s battery life and decrease the time the phone can be used.

Secondly, be sure that apps that had previously been used are completely closed, not simply running in the background. To close the apps, simply press the home button twice. This will bring up a menu on the bottom of apps that have been used, which can be scrolled through left and right. To close the apps, tap and hold down one of the apps until they do the typical “wiggle” movement when they are able to be moved. Click the minus sign “-” on each app and it will close the app until it is used again, ensuring that each app is not running silently in the background and using phone battery life.


The last trick, and one that some would consider most important, is one that controls the privacy of the user. Under the settings app, it is greatly recommended to turn off the location services option for all of the apps possible. This ensures that apps on the iPhone are not tracking the location of the phone, and therefore the user.

The greatest boon of this tip is that the privacy of the user is protected from the third parties who created the apps. Additionally, if the iPhone were to fall into the wrong hands, specifically a person who has the ability to hack the phone, the privacy and potential safety of the original phone’s owner is preserved.

Practice Makes Perfect!

As illustrated above, there are many features that are available on the iPhone that makes the smartphone experience even better than many already feel that it is. Additionally, with use, iPhone users become more familiar with the various settings that they can have on their phone to ensure they get the most out of their powerful product, ensuring that they get the most for their money and time.

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