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October 18, 2012

Even if many users would agree to the saying that the Android based phones are nice devices which have the capacity to offer a large array of functions, many people fail to get the whole idea of the system due to problems of understanding the way it works. Some people complain about the fact that the Android tends to be slow in comparison to other operating system, but this little inconvenience can be repaired with the help of some good tweaks. The whole memory management in Android tends to run slowly as more apps are loaded. The more someone loads, the less memory will be available to run the apps. While this happens the phone will turn out to be slower and slower with little available working memory. This does not affect only the performance of the phone, but also its battery lifespan.

In order to get all the benefits from the real interesting apps that make the Android work much faster, it may require rooting the phone. In this way, a user is able to gain real access to all system sections with the possibility of reading or writing some parts of the phone. It is good to know that not all phones support rooting and some manufacturers will drop warranty once the phone is rooted. So if nothing works for the Android to work faster, you may as well try these methods presented below.

1. AutoStarts and Autorun Manager

The first thing to do for greater speed is to disable the option of automatic startup for the programs which have this feature. For the operation there are two apps which can be used. The AutoStarts is a paid one, while the Autorun manager is for free. They will both disable the startups of the apps which do not have such an option incorporated in them. It is good to know that there is no need for all apps to be on at any given time. With the help of AutoStarts, the things can get even deeper by preventing the apps from starting when the Bluetooth is on. Generally these apps will require rooting, but there are others which claim to do the same. However, the ones which do not demand the phone to be rooted seem to work only half of the time.

2. Tweaking settings

In order to tweak the settings within a phone it is recommended to use AutoKiller or the Auto Memory Manager. They both deal with the built-in memory and will it will help it to run more active and aggressive than it was set by default. Actually the default settings prove to be very restrictive even if the hardware could allow more power. In other words, once the memory is tweaked there is no need to have a task killer and can even set it to a milder version.

3. Overclocking Kernel

An app which can overclock the kernel is extremely useful as there might be a need to overclock the CPU in the phone. Usually these CPUs are designed to go with 600 MHz. In order to preserve battery life, manufacturers tune it to only 550 MHz. All this could be overclocked to 800 MHz and still work really fine. With a new kernel and a little bit of luck, some users even managed to get it to work at 1.25 GHz. In order to do this operation it is important to get the proper kernel for the given phone model and also the clock speed desired by the user. Also it is vital to know how to get into the recovery mode if the kernel experiment fails badly.

4. The Custom ROM

It is known that a Custom ROM may make a phone run faster, but most of it resides merely in wiping out almost all apps. Anyhow, it could be a good way to make it clean and new again and ready for a higher speed. These Custom ROMs can be obtained from the developers who deal with exactly this problem. With a rooted phone and a purchased ROM the things will surely begin to move faster, but there is the need to buy a ROM which suits the phone best or can adapt to it with ease.

There is no need to scream if you want your Android Mobile to run faster. The only condition is to have a little bit of experience and a will to improve it. It is not a child’s play, but it is not difficult as it may seem. The whole idea is to get full control of the phone. After that the sky is the limit with all the apps available for tweaking the phone. In this way, Android will not be the snail looking operating system, but something you enjoy using day after day.

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