Kindle Fire HD Proves To Be A Powerful Competitor

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October 15, 2012

Kindle Fire HD in landscape modeThe Kindle Fire HD is set to take over its predecessor, the Kindle Fire, and go head to head with other established tablets like the ipad. Kindle Fire HD is a product that is going to be one of the newest challengers in the colorful and saturated tablet market. The seamless access to Amazon’s online resources including music, videos, e-books and periodicals, which has been a key feature in Kindle Fire, is still provided with the Kindle Fire HD. The screen size is one of the things that users will definitely notice, since the HD features an 8.9 by 7 inch display screen. The screen resolution is excellent at 1920 x 1200 with 254 ppi. When you take in to account this screen resolution, the 11 hour battery life, and the portability of the new Kindle, you have a recipe for a powerful video entertainment system for adults and children alike.

The 8.9 inch device measures 20 ounces in weight and is only 8.8 mm thick. It is stylish, slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Kindle Fire HD is a machine optimized for surfing the Internet, and it is also the first tablet to offer dual band MIMO technology. Its advanced Wi-Fi technology makes it about 41 percent faster than the latest iPad. High speed Internet connections for both downloads and uploads are supported. Furthermore, Amazon claims that the device is “the best tablet at any price”. With an excellent Internet service provider, access to Amazon’s online store can be extremely fast using either the larger or smaller model of the new Kindle Fire HD.

The Kindle Fire HD features storage of 16 gigabytes, which is twice what is offered by the original Fire and base Nexus 7. Also, 16 gigabytes is the same amount of storage space offered by the iPad. On the other hand, it uses the older version of Android operating system (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) while the Nexus uses the newer and more polished version of Android. This gadget from Amazon does not make use of Google’s user interface: instead, it features a carousel and a horizontal scroll for content and apps. Most Android applications such as Google Maps and Google Play found on Nexus are not part of the new Kindle Fire.

Although Amazon provides applications that can be used by its competitors to access its content, some capabilities are only available with the new Fire. One of these notable content capability is the ability to lend books. This feature is known as Immersion Reading, which allows users to listen to an audio narration of a specific book. The X-Ray is another feature offered with the Fire: this handy feature allows users to get a quick display of all the actors in a movie or characters in a book.

Finally, the larger and smaller Kindle Fire HD machines offer the same specs, with the only exception being the screen resolution, as the 7 inch tablet offers a resolution of 1280 by 800. All in all, the new generation of Kindle from Amazon will prove to be serious competitors in today’s tablet market.

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