Must Have Tech Toys For Gadget Fans

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December 8, 2012

Technology has entered the lives of people in the world way before they even realized it. Now there would be hardly anyone who can do without their little gadgets. Everywhere you look you will only find gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, iPods, and what not. It has become a way of life now. However, for some people this is their passion, tech junkies for instance. They just can’t do without their precious little tech toys and will always be found fumbling with their machines. Nevertheless, there are certain gadget besides, your PC, laptops or iPhones that every techie on this planet should have as they are not only trend setters but highly useful at the same time as well. Below is a detailed list of gadgets that every gadget freak must have

Must have gadgets for the techies

  • Flip Video CamcorderFlip digital camcorder: this is the first one of the lot that should on the desk of every techie. This little device has been hailed as the world’s most popular and simplest camcorder ever designed and has stolen the hearts of millions across U.S. even celebs like Oprah Winfrey couldn’t resist the charm of this mini device. With 2GB memory slot, you can create a video that can 60 minutes long and you can experience high quality filming. Besides, with inbuilt software you won’t need any wires or discs as well.
  • Instant photo printerInstant photo printer: this particular gadget is ideal if you love photography and wish to develop your prints instantly. This is basically a portable device that you can carry anywhere with you and it’s quite easy to navigate besides, being ultra sleek. You can transfer your photos via Bluetooth to your phone or use a USB lead to transfer your photos directly from your camera as the device has both the options. The sweet little gizmo churns a quality image within 60 seconds. Simply great right. All you have to do is peel off the back of the photo slide and store it anywhere you please.Pocket Cinema
  • Pocket cinema: talk about projectors and here you are with the smallest ever projectors ever created that can easily take the feed from any other storage devices and project the video on the walls. Besides, it comes with a built in speaker. A great option for movie buffs isn’t it?Brick USB Drive
  • Brick style USB memory stick: it may look like your child’s plastic play brick, but it is indeed an excellent device to store your data into.  You can just store just about anything and your data will be absolutely safe.Vuzix Wrap Augmented Tech 3D Glasses
  • Vuzix Eyewear: ever heard about augmented technology? If not you do now. This particular Eyewear is a device that comes with an ingenious optical trickery, allowing you to replicate the effects that you get from watching anything on a big screen and that is also from a safe distance. You will get the feel of a high end home theater grafted on your own retinas. Besides, these high end specs come with 3D enabled features and offers automatic 2D or 3D control.

These were a few of the gadgets that you can get and flaunt. They are not only useful but for a techie like you they can be indispensable.

Author Bio: Wasim is a tech writer, who explains a lot of technology related topics in a simple language that can easily understood by all his readers. He is a geek and online guru

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