Technology And Improvements It Has Brought

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November 12, 2012

First generation iPad imageTechnology is a great thing, it has allowed for a great many things that people once thought was impossible, and it has affected so much of our everyday lives. The amount of electronic equipment used by the average person in today’s society is very high. Electronics have become an absolutely huge part of our lives. 99% of people over the age of 15 will have a mobile phone on their person, and a high portion of those people will also have some form of music device on them if they’re not using their mobile phone for their music as well.

With the introduction of tablets in recent years, an increasing number of people are also carrying tablets on journeys, to and from work in particular. This is something that has only been very prevalent in the last few years. At one stage, mobile phones where the size of bricks and considered a luxury item that could only be afford by wealthy businessmen and women who had the need for mobile communications. This was the same for laptops, they used to require quite a lot of space and although they were obviously smaller than desktop PCs, they were by no means mobile.

Nowadays you can get 10” notebooks that allow you to carry all the basic tasks, such as word processing, e-mailing and general browsing. It is truly marvelous to see how far we have come in terms of technology, and it’s even more amazing to thing that it can only get better.

But electronic equipment has improved in many aspects. For example, much medical equipment is vastly complex and allows for doctors and nurses to do things that people before us could only imagine. The ability to have an x-ray for example, or get a CT scan are things that have forever changed the medical world. And it doesn’t stop there. Many household or kitchen appliances are now far superior to their predecessors. TVs have gone from being huge to no more that an inch in depth. Computers have vastly improved in every way possible. They now produce far more processing power, have the capability to handle many more tasks at once and can hold thousands of gigabytes of information, and that’s just commercial computers!

Everything that’s associated with computing has also improved. Long gone are the days of storing 1.4mb of data on a floppy disc, which equates to a big word document. You can now have microSD cards that store up to 64Gb of information, and they are a fraction of the size of a floppy disc.The enormous improvements made in technology have had a major influence on a great deal of industries, changing them for the better. As we look to the future, it’s great to think that everything we now consider to be incredible and amazing, will one day be obsolete as a new wave of technological improvements lead to advances that we cannot yet imagine.

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