Hi-Tech Dining In Japan – Robots & More


Japan is known for its hi-tech innovation, in fact Japan is widely known for often taking its advanced gadgetry to excessive lengths. In doing...

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Tegra 4 SoC and the Death of VideoGame Consoles

Tegra 4 SoC and the Death of VideoGame Consoles

The modern world keeps changing at faster pace, through wider scope, yet ultimately on a smaller scale: because it’s the tiniest devices that bring...

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Why I think Nexus 7 is the best Android Tablet so far

A view of Nexus 7 front side

It is a well known fact that the computer tablet market is predominantly overpowered by Apple’s iPad and the new iPad mini which has...

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Best Lapdesks on the market reviewed


Every geek that has used a laptop on his lap for an extended period of time agrees on one thing: it’s not the best...

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The Top 5 Latest Gadgets & Technological Developments Of 2013


In recent years technological development has accelerated faster than any of us thought possible. When you consider that only a few years ago we...

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Roku Box – Streaming Video on TV

Roku Box for Streaming Video

 In an age of smart televisions, Internet capable Blu-ray players and video gaming systems, sometimes we take for granted our access to streaming applications...

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Smart Watches – What You Need To Know

Is an Apple iWatch on the horizon?

Wearable gadgets that pack extra features, in addition to displaying time like regular watches, are not new to the market. From early 2000s the...

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5 Best Green Gadgets For The Home

Evolve Showerhead

Progress should not translate to the death of the earth due to over consumption of natural resources. There is such a thing called sustainable...

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Updating Your Current PC To Windows 8


Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has recently been introduced into the information technology market and many Windows users are considering updating their Personal...

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