The Glove Phone; Inspired Design or Silliness?

First we had Google Glass, then the rumors of an iWatch, and now it looks like wearable technology has taken a wrong turn and ended up in Crazy Town. Have you ever wished you didn’t have to take you gloves off to answer your phone on a cold, winter’s day? No, us neither. But some bright spark has come up with the perfect solution for anyone who has. The so-called ‘Glove Phone’ wirelessly syncs to your mobile through Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to answer a call without needing to pick up your phone. Yes, that phone sign you used to make by your head can now be the source of a real conversation. But is the Glove Phone an inspired, leap forward technologically? Or is it complete silliness? How do they work? The wireless Glove Phone utilizes a microphone embedded into the little finger, and a speaker into the thumb to help users communicate. And the control pad on the top of the glove allows you to answer calls and hang up without even needing to take them out of your pocket. Simply hold your hand to head making a ‘phone shape’ with your fingers, and you’re away. The Gloves have an average operating range of 12 meters, and are charged by USB. Depending on your profession, there can be an argument for them being a great product. They keep your hands warm like normal gloves, with the addition of mobile phone integration. If you don’t mind walking around looking like you’re talking to yourself, the Glove Phone is a great invention, especially for those living in really cold conditions. So, inspired design or silly invention? Before we scoff the idea all together, let’s take the time to think it through. Yes, wearers will look like they’re taking to themselves and do have to wear at least one glove all the time. But the idea itself is actually very clever. There is a huge market for wearable technology right now, and everyone is looking for the next generation in smart phone technology. What the Glove Phone does show, is that this kind of technology is possible. It helps to prove that Apple’s rumored iWatch could, in fact, be a real possibility, and helps to push the boundaries of wearable, mobile internet technology. The Glove Phone might seem like an amusing invention on paper – and when you’re wearing it – but it should fill technology lovers and developers with a huge amount of optimism. This Bluetooth device has helped to show that it is possible to push boundaries, and really invent something groundbreaking. So while we won’t all be walking around with our fingers to our ears, looking like we’re talking to ourselves; the technology used for the Glove Phone will perhaps become a staple in many people’s wardrobes. So whether you wear the Google Glasses, Apple iWatch, Glove Phone, or something different entirely; this rather silly invention does have some inspirational design in there somewhere – and we will probably all be wearing our mobiles at some point. BTI Computers is a technology specialist, stocking a wide range of server room monitoring equipment for businesses up and down the UK.

Author: CPUreview Staff

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