Top 3 Best Routers of 2013

Along with a modem, a router is your portal to the internet, as well as the center of your personal or small business network. Yet it’s probably also the most ignored piece of hardware equipment whether you are using one at home or in the office. If you’re struggling for wireless performance, it is likely that your router is to blame. You’ll be able to boost your wireless performance by upgrading your router

Are you looking for the best router that will not only last for years but also remain a reasonable piece of hardware for years to come? Well   look no further, here is a top three list of the best routers for 2013 and mostly likely early 2014.

ASUS DSL N55U router

#1 – DSL-N55U from Asus

ASUS’ leading router proved to be the most effective all-rounder. Designed for use with ADSL internet connections, this dual-band model offers optimum speeds of 300Mbits/sec in each band. It has two USB ports for sharing printers and data, and when you are looking at handling and setting up the product, it’s one of the nicest interfaces around. All around efficiency is this router’s strongest quality. It has performed remarkably in both short and long range performance tests. At a very affordable price, this is an excellent router to have at home.

Netgear D6300 router

#2 – D6300 from Netgear

The Netgear D6300 is one of the consumer models with the most features. For its wireless capabilities, it has the latest 802.11ac standard, with a rating of 1,300Mbits/sec within the 5GHz band, so it’s at the pinnacle of wireless technologies. It also caters for both cable connections and ADSL, so you don’t have to buy a new router should you swap broadband providers. There is also Gigabit compatibility for cabled connections, as well as online user interface that gives access to an impressive selection of tools, such as Netgear’s excellent parental controls, which make it easy to set up category-based site filters. With superb performance for the wireless and USB transfers, it’s the fastest consumer wireless router. Nevertheless, that overall performance will come at a high cost – particularly if you need to purchase an adapter to get the best of its 802.11ac speeds.

D-Link DIR-845L router

#3 – DIR-845L from D-Link

Don’t be fooled by the D-Link DIR-845L’s unusual shape. This cable router seems more like an elongated tin can than a traditional router, with its ports all arranged in a vertical stack at the back. The explanation for the design is the multi-directional antenna, which is located comfortably inside the plastic body at the top. The D-Link DIR-845L utilizes beam-forming engineering, which is supposed to focus the signal towards linked devices, anywhere they’re situated. The D-Link DIR-845L’s power is its feature set, which are extensive. It provides good dual-band wireless, and is with a rating of up to 300Mbits/sec connections on both bands. There’s Gigabit options, a USB port for sharing data, and good parental controls. All of these features come at a reasonable price and would be perfect for setting up internet for business.