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ASUS Padphone 2 – The Tablet Phone Combo

October 4, 2013
Back view of black Asus Padphone 2

ASUS have released their second smartphone tablet combination device. The concept adopted is an interesting one from ASUS, enabling users to slot their phone into the tablet to pair the two pieces of technology together. Essentially, the tablet is run by the phone. The tablet contains a battery to drive it, but the processing and […]

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5 New Features That Make The iPhone 5 A Worthwhile Purchase

December 10, 2012
Apple iPhone 5 - Front image

Once again a new iPhone has been released and once again Apple breaks worldwide records in terms of units sold and shipped. Is the new iPhone 5 that good or have the consumers become so excited by the hype and marketing surrounding any new major Apple product that they purchase it regardless of its quality? […]

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Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note II

October 26, 2012

The Galaxy Note II is the successor of the first Galaxy Note smartphone which at 5.3 inches took a really big risk, because it was comically large for a smartphone. The fact is that Samsung really thought this product through. The company has managed to sell more than ten million units by August this year. […]

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